Work with us to protect and enhance our territory!

The Foundation relies exclusively on private funding for its activities; helping the Foundation means helping your territory.

The Foundation's work is completely voluntary and unpaid, this means that the members of the Foundation contribute to its resources and do not receive even the usual reimbursement of expenses. All funds are utilised for the sole purpose of achieving the Foundation's declared objectives.

The Foundation can receive donations of any kind or value,from small donations deposited in its postal account to bank transfers, property donations and testamentary bequests.

These donations have no relation to traditional forms of charity or philanthropy but are closely connected to a sense of social responsibility which encourages one to make financial investments, whether large or small, with the intention of achieving social benefits for the entire community.

Our IBAN code is : IT55 O 06120 03088 000000000 709

The Foundation can also receive sponsorship (tax-deductible) for its cultural and editorial activities.



Centro Documentazione Ecomuseo Colli del Tezio



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