The Foundation
The Foundation Ecomuseum Colli del Tezio is the offspring of the willpower and commitment of a group of individuals, with the participation of the Municipalities of Perugia, Corciano, Umbertide, and Passignano sul Trasimeno. It operates through a scientific committee which defines the areas of intervention, and working groups composed of volunteers who believe in the project for enhancement and protection of their territory.

The objective of the Foundation is to promote territorial excellence by:
  • Enhancing and protecting the environmental heritage;
  • Promoting deeper knowledge of the area and of its culture and traditions;
  • Undertaking projects and participating in activities.
The intention is to achieve the highest possible quality standards and to establish a Document of Quality. 

The main aim of the Foundation, apart from specific projects, expresses itself through sustained and continuous activity designed to stimulate community involvement and participation. The Foundation intends to contribute substantively, right from its first decade of activity, towards:
  • Promoting deeper knowledge of the area, which is essential for reinforcing love and respect for one’s own environment;
  • Developing possibilities for recreation capable of attracting guests who would be offered services and products envisaged and developed with the collaboration  of the community. 
The instruments through which the Foundation operates to achieve these objectives are:
  • a centre of documentation which collects and catalogues all material regarding the territory and makes it available for consultation;  
  • a series of thematic publications; 
  • a bi-monthly newspaper and a website to disseminate information about promotional events and the quality of local products; 
  • activities to inform and sensitise the local community. 

Centro Documentazione Ecomuseo Colli del Tezio



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