Other Projects
The Ecomuseum Foundation is studying many other projects for development, a few of which are listed here.

Maps of the territory

The first phase of surveying the territory to create updated thematic maps of the area, in collaboration with the Istituto Tecnico Geometri “Arnolfo di Cambio” has already been completed. The data collected is being analysed by the Centro di Formazione e Ricerca “Nicola e Giovanni Pisano” for the preparation of maps with graphic design undertaken by students of the Istituto d’Arte Bernardino di Betto. The updated maps will contribute towards a better use of the  pathways and the cultural sites of the area. Specific maps are planned for orientation, cycle tourism and for use by primary schools.

Education and Training

Education is of paramount importance in developing social responsibility and awareness of the environment. Schools can play a major role in introducing young people to nature, to the territory and its natural and cultural heritage, starting from an early age. The active collaboration of the Ecomuseum with the various teaching districts has resulted in the development of a network of Plans for Training (POF) aimed at increasing knowledge of the environment with the help of specialised laboratories, green zones and pilot projects.
Training of experts is a priority for the Foundation. Courses of specialisation in subjects related to the Ecomuseum and to the territory will be presented to the appropriate authorities. One of these courses, for high-level post-graduate studies, is designed to train specialised personnel in creating projects for the enhancement of the cultural and environmental resources of the territory.

The typical products of the area

The Foundation has plans to create and distribute a range of articles and products of the area, with its logo and characterised by the highest quality and fair prices. Specifically this will include a range of biological foods: honey, jams, extra-virgin olive oil, typical confectionery, cheeses, wines and liqueurs.

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